"A leading trading company specialized in collecting, processing and distributing recycled materials to worldwide markets with a well- known reputation and industry recognition over the years."

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  scrap metal, copper, wires, al/cu radiator, honey brass, lead acid battery,
iron, aluminium , stainless steel, lead, zinc, compressor and etc...
  We are located just south of the Tuas stockyards at
No. 45 Tuas View Place (thru Tuas South Ave 8) Singapore 637887.

We are open to the public
from Monday thru Sunday 8am - 8pm | Close on public holiday

Welcome To Ogoo Recycle Pte Ltd
Ogoo Recycle Pte Ltd, based in Singapore, focuses on scrap metal processing and recycling iron and has been practicing our skills since 2004. Compared to other recycling firms, the Ogoo Recycle excels in providing scrap recycling solutions for every need, including individual walk-in traffic, industrial fragment, as well as servicing, price and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

We are dedicated in exporting processed iron and metal to global markets overseas, mostly trading houses in Asia Pacific Countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan and India. We are providing excellent and reasonable prices to every contractor and clients. Our volume, combined with our specialized equipment, helps us to maximize the price of our resources. The trade prices of iron and metal in the world market is very competitive because they are well known as minerals. Recycling is beneficial not only because it minimizes the amount of wastes but also lessen the toxic chemicals in our environment. Ogoo Recycle Pte Ltd is more than just a recycling company but also a saving company, saving the environment and saving the world. Support recycling, reduce waste and maximize the organic resources from the ecosystem.

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